#HillsPet Helps Prepare For Emergencies and What Happened At The End Of #BlogPaws

I returned last week from the BlogPaws conference and had a great time. I was sponsored by HillsPet and am very grateful for the opportunity to attend the conference and to find out more about the programs they offer.

I attended a VIP luncheon with Hills Pet where they discussed their #PetPrepared, #AwesomeasEver, and #HillsFoodLoveShelter programs. 
VIP Luncheon for #HillsPet influencers at #Blogpaws Conference

I am a BlogPaws Conference Sponsored Blogger on behalf of Hill’s Pet Nutrition® and Hill’s Food, Shelter,& Love®.  I am being compensated for helping share information about Hill's Pet Nutrition and the Hill's Food, Shelter, Love initiative with my readers and fellow Influencers, Neither Hill's Pet Nutrition or BlogPaws are responsible for the content of this article

I wanted to find out more about the Hill’s Food, Shelter & Love ® Disaster Relief Network in order to educate you, my followers on the good that Hills Pets does when it comes to disasters.

Disasters can strike at any time. Here in Kentucky, we are prone to tornados and flash floods. In 2008, we even got the remnants of🌀 Hurricane Ike!! The winds and heavy rain caused widespread damage across eleven states -ArkansasIllinoisIndianaKentuckyMichiganMissouriTennessee, New YorkOhioPennsylvania and West Virginia. In Kentucky alone, there were over 600,000 people without power. 

Flash floods happened all over. Evacuations were issued and many lost their lives, their pet's and livestock. Emergencies and disasters can happen with very little warning. A beautiful sun shining day can change to flash floods, hailstorms or tornados in less than a couple of hours. 

Are you prepared? 

#HillsPetfoodshelterlove logo
Hill's Pet are. In 2013 Hill's Pet created a one of a kind Disaster Relief Program for pets and their owners. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has established May 13, 2017, as National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day.

Hills pets workers putting together emergency pet kits.
450 Hills employees volunteer to put together pet emergency kits
I know you are thinking "May is almost over. Why should I worry?

Mother Nature doesn't care what time of the year it is, disasters can happen anytime. In the past few years, the Hill’s Disaster Relief Network delivered free food to shelters and veterinary clinics across the country in response to more than 40 major incidents, including floods, fires, tornadoes and a mudslide. The network responded to 16 emergencies across the United States in 2016, including the severe flooding in Louisiana, where it donated 75,000 pounds of free pet food!

Pet owners standing in line for assistance of pet food in Louisiana

Do you have an emergency kit prepared for your pet?
CarmaPoodale and ScoobyDoo want to know if you have a emergency kit for pets
What should my emergency kit include??
I'm glad you asked!! According to Hill's and area shelters your kit should include the following items:
Items that need to go in a pet emergency kit
Basic first aid supplies

A 3-day supply of bottled water and the pet’s preferred food, held in a waterproof container

Safety harness and leash

Waste clean-up supplies

Medications and a copy of the pet’s medical records

List of veterinarians and local pet care organizations

List of the pet’s feeding routine and any behavioral issues

Comfort items, such as a blanket or favorite toy, to help keep the pet calm and comfortable

Hill’s also recommends the following Tips to Help Ensure Your Pet’s Safety in an Emergency:

  1. Ensure your pet’s identification by using a microchip or collar ID tag, and make sure that all contact information is up-to-date.
  2. Display a pet rescue decal on the front door or window to let first responders know there is a pet in the house. Include the local veterinarian’s contact information.
  3. Learn where your pets like to hide in the house when frightened. Finding a pet quickly will help to evacuate faster.
  4. Identify a location to take a pet in case of evacuation. Keep in mind that disaster shelters for people may not be open to pets. Scout hotels and motels with pet-friendly policies and ask relatives or friends if they could house you and your pet.
  5. Carry a picture of the pet in the event of separation.
  6. In the case of evacuation, consider taking a pet carrier or crate for transport and safe-keeping.

I learned so much during Jodi Vondran's session at BlogPaws. I understand the programs better, I know what items I should have more of in my pet emergency kits and know that Hill's Pet will be ready for action if another disaster strikes. 

Thank you, Hill's Pet for giving me the honor of being your sponsored blogger to attend the BlogPaws conference. I came home with a wealth of information and hope to extend that to my blog to educate my readers more.

CarmaPoodale #standardpoodle in front of Hills tableCarma Poodale and Scooby in front of Hills Pets Together Forever poster

You know one of the things that made me really feel good? The Hill's Pet representatives that were there actually thanked me for being their sponsored blogger. That felt good. I felt appreciated. 

Thank you BlogPaws and Hill's Pet for helping me to get to the conference this year. I had a wonderful time and it was a milestone in my life. 

This was Carma Poodale's last conference to attend with me. We also were able to announce her retirement from being a medical alert service dog. We were able to make the announcement while sitting on the beach. I had a wonderful, heart touching speech prepared, I was unable to read it due to the overwhelming emotional feelings that engulfed my body and caused the tears to roll. 

Trust me, I cry ugly....real ugly. 

I encourage you to find out more about the Hill's Food Shelter Love program 
Follow them on Twitter- @HillsPet, on Facebook at HillsPets and on Instagram at HillsPet

Please don't forget to follow @BlogPaws to find out more about the wonderful network of pet bloggers that help make a difference. 

This year's conference really gave back!  There were 495 attendees this year. BlogPaws donated the following:
$10,500 to shelters, rescues, and animal welfare organizations across the country.
$7,000 of cash to shelters and rescues chose by the Nose-to-Nose award winners.
$50,000 to veterinary hospitals supporting shelters and rescues.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of BlogPaws 2017 Conference Sponsored Bloggers. The opinions and text are all mine.


  1. I loved learning about this program too. Thanks so much for sharing it with your readers.

    1. It was wonderful to talk to them face to face about all they offer. Thank you for stopping by. Have a beautiful day!!

  2. Pawsome advice. We need to update our go-bag.

    1. We found that we needed to update ours too.

  3. All great advice to keep in mind,sounds like you had a great time at Blogpaws even if it was a bit emotional at times,xx Rachel and Speedy


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