How Bayer Has Helped The People and Pets of Hurricane Harvey and Irma. -Press Release

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With the recent hurricanes, I wanted to let you know what the folks at Bayer are doing. I  am proud to be a part of the Bayer Pet Panel along with other carefully selected bloggers.
The flooding and damage following hurricanes Harvey and Irma have no doubt left us feeling concerned about friends and family, animals included, who live and work in the affected areas. 

***This has been copied from our private Facebook page to know what relief has been donated. I am in awe at how caring Bayer is.***

Many companies have generously provided support to hurricane survivors, and I wanted to provide you with an FYI about Bayer’s relief efforts. In addition to a $100,000 donation to the American Red Cross, Bayer made another $100,000 donation to Direct Relief, which provides much-needed supplies, medicines, and other critical items to areas impacted by disasters like this one. The $100,000 donation will support natural disaster and emergency preparedness programs such as Be Red Cross Ready, which details three key preparedness actions (build a kit, make a plan, be informed), fire safety programs, and programs for seniors.
Bayer Animal Health also donated over $25,000 worth of animal health products (antibiotics, pain relief, shampoos, heartworm and flea prevention, de-wormers, etc.) to Animal Search and Rescue (ASAR) as an initial step. ASAR is working with other Texas and Florida animal relief organizations to get products to the veterinarians who are on the ground to care for displaced animals, both pets and livestock. Our sales representatives are in direct contact with our customers (veterinary clinics, livestock producers) in the Texas and Florida areas to understand their most pressing needs so we can direct products free of charge to the most crucial areas.
Again, our thoughts are with all those affected. We’ll keep you posted if we learn about additional resources to help. 


  1. Paws up for the donation ! Purrs

    1. I thought it was wonderful and was happy to share it. Hugs to you all

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  4. It really makes me happy when I see companies helping others. I enjoyed learning more about Bayer and their commitment to helping pets and people while at BlogPaws.

  5. Bayer is such a generous company! I'm proud to be on their Pet Influencer Team as well, they do so much to help pets in need and help raise awareness! THanks for sharing this.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

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