One of a Kind 3D Statue of Your Pet

When Carma Poodale passed away in June, one of the things I did before I released her to be cremated was clipped a piece of her floof (topknot) to keep her with me. Whenever I am feeling the need to touch her, I can pull out that tiny bit of hair and hold it.

It helps me get through my grieving process. Getting through the grieving process is difficult. . . . Very difficult. 

Soon after I got her ashes back, I received an email from a company asking me permission to create a statue of her. The email made me smile because it said: 
"We usually need 5 to 10 pictures to create the computer model but Carma is very famous and we do not need you send us pictures."

I thought, "well now, okay". 
I was sent a statue after Carma's death. This post is about my experience with the company. All the words are mine and I do not make money from any sells of statues. This is my honest review. 

3D Exact statue of poodle, CarmaPoodale

Did they really have photos of Carma or photos of another poodle from Google?
 Only time would tell. 
A week passed and I received an email from the company. They asked me to preview the photos and to let them know of any changes I wanted. I downloaded the attachment and I fell to pieces. 
Statue preview of Poodle Carma Poodale
There on my screen was an exact replica of my girl, Carma Poodale. Including her little belly pooch and her floof clipped further back than a poodle is usually clipped. It was my "Kissy spot".

They definitely had photos of MY poodle, my Poodale

I couldn't get over how they made her face look exactly like her. From the beige around her ears and eyes to the light black on the top of her muzzle near her nose. That was definitely my girl. 

The only change that I asked for was they clip back the super long nails. Yes, Carma had long nails due to her quicks being so long but on the statue, they looked like wolf nails. At least to me, they did.  I got a reply within a couple of hours saying the changes had been noted and the printing would begin. 

Really? Was it really that easy?? 

A few weeks later a package showed up on my porch. I saw who it was from but I didn't open it right away. I couldn't bring myself to do it. My heart wasn't ready to see what was in the box. My head knew what was in it but my heart couldn't take it. 

The box set around for a week. I thought I would do a LIVE broadcast and allow my followers to be there with me when I opened the box.  After all, you were with me through the whole process of losing my girl and your encouraging words are the only thing that kept me going.  

Unfortunately, that didn't happen. My hubby took it upon himself to open the box and put the statue on top of Carma's ashes. He was tired of looking at the box and wanted to see the statue for himself.

I was crushed. I was angry. I had emotions that I couldn't describe going through my veins. I was deeply hurt. This was a moment I wanted to share with my readers, something I wanted to share with my friends.  You all had been there through life and death and it was a moment I wanted to share.  So I am sharing now. 

The thing is the tears still fall, even after all this time. This statue means the world to me and I want to tell you about the company so that you can have one made of your pets. It is something I would definitely want to make before death but if you want a memorial, I definitely recommend it. 

The company that creates these 3D statues is called Arty Lobster, they are located in London. The wonderful thing about this company is they are with you every single step of the way. They want your statue to be exact. They want you to be 100% happy and 100% proud of your statue. 

How do they create your statue?? 
3D printing from photos you send to Arty Lobster

They will send you photos of what your 3D statue will look like. You tell them what you want to add and what you want to change. The whole process is very easy and it feels as though you are in the same room with them as they create your masterpiece. 

No matter what, they want you to be happy before they create your statue. Once you are satisfied, the printing begins. Shipping was faster than I thought it would be considering it was coming from London.  Customer care is their number one priority. 

After all, they are creating a replica of your precious pet. They not only do all breeds of dogs, the also do cats, horses, small animals, if your pet is a part of your life, they can do it. 

What is so amazing is their artist actually sculpt out a statue of your pet before they do the final 3D printing!! They make sure the muscle mass, bone, everything that makes your pet unique is on the statue. To me, that is pretty amazing at how detailed they are. After they create a sculpture, they send it through quality control for a final inspection. After quality control passes it, it is sent to the printers. 

The statue is made from sandstone (a combination of stone, gypsum and other materials) and stands 5.5 inches tall. It is one a brass colored plate that has your pet's name on it. 
3D white poodle statue. Poodle wearing purple collar with purple nails.
Close up details of Carma Poodale's Arty Lobster 3D statue
As you see, the details in Carma Poodale's coat is perfect. It is hard to get a statue that is even close to being a replica of a poodle coat. 

I know Carma Poodale wasn't perfect and a few poodle people scoffed at her topknot, but to me she was perfect. She was perfect for me. 

Check out this video of how the Arty Lobster creates a labrador. 

The folks at Arty Lobster have offered my readers a 10% discount on your order. If you send your photos with the request, they will give you a FREE preview of what your order will look like. You can purchase your statue at a later date but still see your preview for FREE. 

Use the discount code DCFRIENDS

My statue sits on top of Carma's ashes facing me. She is always watching over me as I sleep. I couldn't ask for a more perfect statue and I am 100 % happy with mine. I know you will be happy with yours too. 

I don't make any money from the sales of the statues. If you do happen to get one made I would love for you to share it with me. You can tag me on any social media channel under @CarmaPoodale or on Facebook 

Visit the ARTY LOBSTER website to find out more about the company. 

Would you want a statue of your pet??


  1. Oh Bunny this was just fabulous! I cannot get over how they EXACTLY replicated Carma (I am so happy I met her in person because I can really appreciate this statue) it is superb, your review is superb and oh my God how I would love one of Dakota. This is just fantastic. I am so happy you have this!! xoxo DakotasDen

    1. Thank you Caren. It is something I will always treasure that is for sure.

  2. Goodness Bunny the resemblance is so life like I can understand your feelings. This is one of the first things I've read about you losing Carma and it's so touching. I am so tempted to order one of Dolly so I may be taking you up on their offer. Much better than the poodles I sent!

    1. Sandra those poodles you sent me will always be a special treasure. First the one is you have had for years and you trusted me to keep them forever. They will always hold a special meaning to me and our friendship.

      I know it has been difficult to write on the blog since my girl left me but it is almost soul healing. I have so much to write about like our trip but I am taking baby steps.

      There are other companies out there who make these 3D sculptures for less but what I noticed is their quality isn't as precise. I was able to go straight to the photo they had for her front view. She was sitting there so proud with a smile on her face.

      I will never have another Poodale even if I get another poodle (which I am searching for now) but I feel like she is always beside me and this statue makes it even more real.

      We know what 3D can do in helping with surgery!
      Thank you so much for coming to the blog and reading this special post. ((hugs))

  3. I love how real she looks Bunny and how her character shines through.Carma is real watching over you for real,xxx Rachel

  4. Such a fur-bulous sculpture. It so looks like your sweet girl.


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