Super fast speedy

Hi Everyone no bunny meme today as I wanted to share a couple of facts about bunnies and the best way sometimes is to show you!
Did you know that rabbits can run between 25 and 45 miles per hour?the video above is one of me when I was under a year old which shows me at my fastest,I'm not quite so fast today but then I am 6 years old so I'm heading towards being a OAP in bunny years.Bellow is a conversion chart for bunny years into human years.
Rabbit AgePeople Age
1 week1 year
2 weeks2 years
3 weeks4 years
4 weeks6 years
2 months8 years
3 months10 years
4 months12 years
5 months14 years
6 months16 years
1 year21 years
2 years27 years
3 years33 years
4 years39 years
5 years45 years
6 years51 years
7 years57 years
8 years63 years
9 years69 years
10 years75 years
Any way as you can see I was fast on my paws.....hehehe....I still am quick when I want to be!

Are you fast on your paws like me?

This is Speedy reporting for Carma


  1. Dear Mr Speedy!
    Mommy says she remembers this video! She was amazed that you could run that fast and Nellie immediately went outside and ran like the wind to show her how fast she (Nellie) could run!
    Love you
    Marv and Mommy

    1. He was super Bunny! It makes me giggle everytime I watch it.

    2. Hehehe makes my mummy giggle too.glad your mummy remembers my video Marv,xx Speedy


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