Kodak Pet Retouching Features Review and Giveaway

Back in June I was contacted by someone from Kodak. They asked me if I had ever used a Kodak kiosk to correct pets photos, in which I replied no. I have always seen these machines but never taken the time to use them. The intersect for Kodak sent me a $25 CVS gift card to use to use the features and create a project. The card arrived in mid July but we were out of town. When we got home we contacted the intersect and let her know we received the card and would do a review shortly.

Ma took a lot of photos. She didn't delete have of them like usual. She is known for taking bad pictures , she was like a petarattzi gone wild. She almost filled up the camera card.We had taken the card to CVS and started working on our photos but since she had a doctor appointment , we had to stop our work and leave. We had used all the software but we saved the photos  By this time it was time to go to BarkWorld, a pet social conference, where she took more photos. 

When we came home, ma couldn't find her camera. She doesn't know if she left it in Georgia or if she lost it on the way home. None of us can remember when she last had it. We thought all our photos had been lost until she was on Dropbox and she seen her photos on there. Talk about a happy mama! 

*Some of the photos you will see here do have a glare because we were in a well lit store taking photos of the screen of the Kiosk.* 

The first project we tried was trying to get the extra glare off of our photos from the flash. We used Scooby for our model. Ma adjusted to contrast and tighten it up a little and I think it looked really good. 

It was time to start on working with the eyes. They had a haze over them but the pet eye touch up corrected that with ease.

 We then wanted to see if it would enhance my friend Lysander's eyes. He is a cat as you can see but unfortunately we couldn't get the look that we wanted. I guess it is because a cat has oval pupils where a dog has round ones. 

The software has many features that you can create or enhance. Ma really like some of them and the ladies that worked at CVS were really nice.They would stop by and ask if we were having any luck or if we needed any help with any of the features. Ma explained we were working on a review and she wanted to use every feature to see what it did and to get a better understanding of what each one done. She told them if someone came in to have photos done that she would save her projects and allow someone else to use the machines. There was one lady came in and made prints but they had 2 machines so we never had to move. 

One of the features we really liked was you could print from Facebook. You didn't need to have a camera card , disc or photos to scan to get those favorite photos off of Facebook. You could even print your friends photos ! 

I supervised the whole time. The manager even asked if I would like a bowl of water. I thought that was super nice. I wasn't thirsty but appreciated the offer. 

Really liked the new canvas wraps you could have made. Its a photo that stretches all the way around the frame. I thought that would look great with my siblings and I together. I will have to remember that at Christmas for ma. 

We had to leave and go to her dr appointment that took way longer than normal but ma saved all the photos on her drive. She called it a flash drive. Loved the features the Kodak Kiosk offered and the fact that CVS had displays of different projects on the shelf for you to feel and see. 

After we got back from Barkworld, ma started thinking about what all she could do with the gift card and hoped that some of our photos would be good enough to print larger prints of. We were using sissy's camera and its not the best but it got us through. 
Then ma remembered that Scooby Doo's birthday was in Sept. Since we don't know the exact date , dad wanted it to be on his birthday so him and his boy could celebrate together. The trip to Georgia was Scooby's first adventure and he did really well. 
Every now and then ma send his 1st mom photos of him to let her stay part of his life. We know it was a hard decision to give him up. I told ma why don't we print out some photos of Barkworld and send them to her. She really liked that idea. She thought of something better..

We made a 8 X 10 photo book to send to his mom to show his adventure. This would be his birthday present to her. The book is pawtastic. The binding is super strong and the look and feel is wonderful. Its printed on Kodak paper and it is glossy. What really impressed me was that it took no time to make the book with all the fun things you can add and it is ready in about a hour! The lady even called ma and doubled check that the pages were in the right order before they started printing it out. Since they were out of the binding in the store we had made the book in , they clerk took it to the other store to finish it so it was ready in about a hour in a half. Ma said she hasn't had caring service like that in years. 

Here is a few of the pages we made. The book is 10 pages and it tells the story of Scooby's adventure. 
* The photos in the book are clear and crisp but ma couldn't get the sissy's camera to capture them clearly. This is why you see reflections in the photos themselves. 

headshot of Scooby Doo
Page 1 is the page you see outside the book

Page 2 starts the story

Page 3 

Page 4 

Page 5 
Page 6

Scooby and Carma
Last page 

Back of book. 

Binder of Book
We also printed out some new updated photos of the animals available for adoption to hang on our travel boards. We were really happy with the quality of this book and we will mail it on Saturday to his 1st mom. We sure hope she likes it. We think its nicer than just a handful of photos to hang on the fridge. 

Ma has been collecting more photos to make our own family a book. The pages are fun to make because its digital scrapbooking and they have a wide variety of things you can add. They have seasonal, baby, weddings, birthday's you name it they have it. We really like the pet retouching software too. Here is a list of things you can do or create at a Kodak Kiosk -Kodak Gifts

I am happy to announce that I was told that I would be allowed to give one lucky reader a $25 CVS gift card to create their own project. This card will be mailed from a Kodak representative directly to you. I have chose Rafflecopter to keep the contest fair. Enter now and Good Luck!!!  

*I was sent a $25 CVS gift card to try the Kodak Kiosk for myself using the pet retouching features. I was not asked in any way to give this a good review. Everything you read here is my own opinion and I used my own photos. 
Nothing on this site examples photos, wording, etc can be used without my consent. 


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  11. I would make a photo book

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