How #BayerExpertCare Helps Our Blind Spaniels Eyes To Stay Moist #ad

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This is the last post of 3 of the products that we use that are made by Bayer® ExpertCareTM. In the first post, I talked about the moisturizing shampoo. My second post talked about the SpotOn Moisturizer topical solution. I had mentioned the eye lubricant that we use on Jenny Sue and wanted to tell you more about it. 

Spaniel and #BayerExpertCare collage

I had originally planned on talking about the Bayer ExpertCare ear cleaner but unfortunately I had a inner ear infection starting and it went into full blown ear infection. We had to discontinue the ear cleaner and start topical antibiotics. I liked the smell of the ear cleaner but I was not able to use the product enough to actually tell you how it worked. I only give honest reviews of products that I use and have tested enough to give a opinion.  

Jenny Sue started going blind at 5 years old. By the time she was 6 she was only able to see shadows and was totally blind by age 7. The blindness began the same time she started having seizures. Jenny Sue is 13 years old now and suffers from chronic dry eyes because she does not blink enough. She sometimes even sleeps with her eyes open. Its me. 

Her eyes would stay dry and inflamed because of not blinking. When we blink, it moisturizes the eye balls. Her lack of blinking meant lack of moisture. The vet recommended eye drops for her. A couple years ago PetSmart started carrying the Bayer ExpertCare products, the eye drops were the first thing we tried. Ma had bought a bottle and took it by the vet's office to see if it was something he would recommend. He said it was okay to use but if it didn't help enough, we would have to get a prescription eye drops.

Spaniel having Bayer ExpertCare eye lubricant put in eye
After a few times of having the eye drops put in her eyes, Jenny didn't seem to mind it at all. She actually stays still for the few seconds it takes to put them in. Ma says that tells her that they make Jenny's eyes feel better. Jenny Sue gets the drops put in once or twice a day. The lubricant drops give long lasting comfort. 

Bayer ExpertCare eye lubricant drops helps to support moisture and lubrication to the eyes. It is thicker than human eye drops. NEVER use eye drops that are designed for humans on your pets. Always consult a vet if your dog is having moisture problems with their eyes. It can be a sign that an infection has started, they maybe scratched their eye or other health problems are starting. 

Bayer Expertcare eye lubricant is composed of cross-linked, modified hyaluronic acid in a preservative-free gel. It I don't know what none of those words mean but ma says that it helps to maintain natural moisture in Jenny's eyes. Jenny seems to feel much better and is ready for a treat afterwards. 

Carma Poodale head down a rabbit hole
Hello!!! Wabbit are you home??
I know there has been a couple times that I have went rabbit hole hunting and got grass or dirt in my eyes that ma had to get out. She used the drops on my eyes to soothe them afterwards and it helped immediately. 

The Bayer Expertcare eye lubricant drops is a constant product that we have in our house. Ma also keeps a bottle in our emergency kit. 

Next time you are in PetSmart, check out the line of products that Bayer ExpertCare offer. They will be located in the last aisle of the store across from the grooming salon. They have other products that are specially formulated for cats or dogs.
Bayer Expertcare Eye lubricant drops located in eye care section of Petsmart
All the products that we have used have surpassed my Poodale Approval! A few of these products in the Bayer line have already been in my house and used often even before I was selected to talk about them. I trust the Bayer brand. Bayer also has a cat line of ExpertCare products! 

Thank you for reading my reviews. 
Do you have any questions about the items I have talked about? 


  1. I wasn't familiar with these products, but will definitely give them a try as Ruby also has some issues with her eyes.

    1. Bayer Expertcare has other products that I haven't talked about too. They have a probiotic chew that I hear is really good too. We have been really happy with what we have tried so far. I know ma gets really excited when she finds them on sale. She stocks up.

  2. You get to hunt wabbits? In HOLES? #jealous - Faraday

    1. I get to wabbit hunt at least once a week. I never try to catch them, I just like what the holes smell like. BOL!

  3. That stuff helps our eyes
    Lily & Edward

  4. Hunting rabbit in their own holes ? That's sounds like a lot of fun ! Purrs

  5. I got these drops for Dex and we are so glad to have them: He had some health stuff lately and we used them.

    1. Happy to hear they are working for Dex. I know ma says she doesn't want to be without them. Its a safe alternative to if we get something in our eyes.


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