What Is In The Piggies Playhouse?

Guinea Pig playhouse
No Catz Aloud! 
With the weather turning colder the guinea pigs can't go outside. They are used to going out for 15-30 minutes a day to get fresh air and exercise. Since the temps are not safe for the guinea pigs, we make a area in the front room and we all get to play together. This area is set up with tubes, boxes , fresh veggies and of course kitty toys. We all have a good time playing and the pawents gets plenty of laughs.

The piggies love the boxes but Molly Mew thinks all boxes belong to cats. I think she has more fun playing in the boxes than guinea pigs do. The piggies walk around cooing their guinea pig talk going in and out of the boxes and tubes. Molly Mew likes to get in the boxes before they do.

Its just a way we keep boredom away and the piggies get their exercise. They seem to be very happy with all the play. When they go back to their cages , ma leaves the boxes out a little longer just for Molly and Scooby to play in.

How do you keep your pets entertained when its too cold outside to play?


  1. Wand toys or foam rockets or TW and I chase each other around the condo.

    1. Never thought about foam rockets for molly. We will have to try that! We got her a cat-it track and at first she didn't like it but now she plays with it a LOT.
      Hope you had a wonderful Catmas.

  2. That's fun! We have a little house for our pig too! He loves it!


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