The Art of StoryTelling

I like to talk about my day on my Facebook page . I sometimes tell stories about what happened while ma and I were out shopping or what we did that day.  I tell the stories like I would if I were talking on the phone with someone. 

Many people use videos or photos to tell their stories. As you know, my blog is heavy on the photos. I love to share photos. Sometimes, I just like to tell stories. To be honest, we don't watch a lot of videos online. If we do, we have the volume on mute. 

So where am I going with this?? 

birds on a feeder -

Yesterday I was looking out the window watching the birds around the bird feeder. Ma was sitting in her chair watching out the window also. The birds were bringing their babies to the feeder and showing them how to find the seeds on the ground. 

A blue jay was on the seed bell and as it pecked at the bell  the seeds would fall to the ground. The baby birds would get the seed. Some of the babies were still trying to get their mama's to feed them. There was all sorts of activity underneath our tree. 

When the activity died down under the tree, 2 little baby birds were practicing jumping on the bird feeder. The feeder was empty so they had the whole playground by themselves. :)
They would jump on the feeder and off the feeder. When they jumped on the feeder it would spin in circles. When it stopped spinning, they would jump off. 

This went on for about 10 minutes. They would jump on and ride it until it stopped and jumped off. That was great practice for those babies. Plus it entertained us. 

Ma mentioned what she was seeing on facebook and there were a few people who said they wish she would have taken video. Those who commented said they would have liked to seen it too. 

This made me think....... 

Has videos hurt the art of storytelling? 

I will be honest, ma doesn't read  a lot of books. She reads a lot of stuff online and many blogs but to sit down with a's not going to happen.  She says the great thing about reading online is she can read about galaxies one minute and recipes the next then look! SQUIRREL!  

This makes me  wonder. Should every story have a video or photos in order to keep a person interested? 

When you read a status that someone has posted describing their day or their adventure, do you need a visual guide to picture what they are saying? 


  1. A video would have been cute, but I just imagined a couple of baby birds hopping on and off your feeder. I like to read blogs because I am usually interrupted if I try reading a book.

  2. I think it depends on the "story" For a blog, YES photos are 100% necessary. There have been studies done that have shown that people have a super short attention span online, (about 2 min max on a blog post)....Blogs were never intended to be "stories" or a thesis (like some blogs are, even mine sometimes lol)....they were intended to be shorter. Photos add an element of interest and will break up a "too long" post as I am often guilty of posting. In my opinion, videos aren't a necessity at all. For product reviews they are great, for general "story telling" not necessary. Thanks for giving us something to think about! catchatwithcarenandcody

  3. It would seem we are compelled to be constantly stimulated and the easiest way to do that is through pictures. Make those pics 'move'...poof-you've got videos, particularly attractive for the 'younger' among us. I agree with Caren are a definite must for blogs. Besides, we all have such adorably cute pets, who WOULDN'T want to see them as much as we do? ☺️


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